Wednesday, July 07, 2010


LeBron James is going to make his announcement on Thursday at 9 p.m. ET during a one-hour special on ESPN, sources said."

Anybody else regurgitating their dinner?  Anybody else absolutely sickened by the grossness of ESPN, LeBron and the circus act that is the NBA?  Excuse me, I'm vomiting.

Speaking of ESPN, why is Jason Heyward (.251 BA/11HR/45 RBI/.366 OBP/.455 SLG) an All-Star and not  Brennan Boesch(.341 BA/12HR/47RBI/.394 OBP/.594 SLG)? Cause ESPN said so, that's why.

Update:  The NY Times agrees with me.  

Update (from Tom): So does this guy at Sports Illustrated. (For the record, I too find this whole thing to be a pain in the behind. But since I have a rooting interest, I am also riveted. And my prediction is that he is staying, or else he is having a major press conference to announce to the world that he is an a-hole who abandoned his home town. I'm still mad at him though, because he manufactured this circus and undercut his own team for the last three years by not taking a longer extension last time. The Cavs have been fueled by fear as much as anything the last few years, and that is not a good vibe when facing adversity.)

Update (from Tom): Here are some slightly stronger feelings on the matter from Drew Magary at Deadspin. Warning, there's a bad word or two. Seriously, if you do not like profanity, you probably want to skip this one.


g_rob said...

Good article. I especially like what his assessment of Jordan (full disclosure: I think MJ is the greatest basketball player of all-time and I fairly worshipped him as a high school player):

"But the real king was Michael Jordan, and he never needed to call himself king...if you could somehow suspend the laws of time and space and get the 25-year-old Jordan and the 25-year-old James on the same court, you would have to go with M.J., because he wouldn't worry about pregame theatrics or postgame speculation. He would spend every minute trying to rip James' heart out."

MJ never had to go recruit big name talent or threaten to sign with another team to help him win. The guys that played with him were great role players, but nothing more with the possible exception of Scottie Pippen. However I don't think anyone would argue that Pippen would have been as good or famous as he was without playing alongside Jordan. He would have been just an average player if had played in Cleveland or Seattle in those days.

I don't like that the article never mentions ESPN's role in this whole egomaniacal episode. Maybe because he is a member of the sports media and therefore, in some way, complicit, but regardless of why he leaves them out, ESPN is as disgusting as LeBron's ego.

Tom said...

Yeah, the Jordan (and Magic and Bird and Russell) comparison is what it boils down to for me. Those guys won whereever they landed. It's simple, if LeBron leaves Cleveland, no matter what he does, he'll never belong in the greatest discussion again.

For the greats, the circus follows the winning, not the other way around.

g_rob said...

I don't think anybody could say it better than Magary.

I used to really dislike Kobe. Still do really, but i like him a lot more than Lebron. A lot isn't even the right word for it. At least Kobe just plays. No pre-game histrionics, no press conference to announce his bowel movements. And, um, he's won shit. Like titles and MVPs. He's no Jordan, but he's definitely no Lebron either. I hope the rest of the world joins me in rooting for anybody other than Lebron and the Heat.