Friday, October 09, 2009


Ego Trip to Copenhagen

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dcat said...

Several quick points:

1) Will referring to someone else as being on an ego trip is the sort of irony that English professors ought to keep in their hip pockets for when they talk about what the word irony actually means.

2) Will's absurd assertion that Obama's use of the first person is somehow a nefarious indication of ego run amok lost most of its steam when someone went through SOU addresses of both Buc=sh and Clinton to see which used "I" and "me" the most. I'll let you guess who was most guilty.

3) The heads of state of all of the other nations went to Copenhagen.

4) I wish I knew why conservatives suddenly hate America. But I do know that had Obama not gone and Chicago had lost, we would have heard about that too from the nattering nabobs of nitwittery.