Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama Wins the Nobel Peace Prize for Some Reason

A Fitting Prize, in a Way

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dcat said...

Well, this proves that the editors at National Review continue their descent into farce.

Why the mention of Brown university once, never mind twice? That's a complete non-sequiter, though admittedly one in keeping with the argumentation of the piece as a whole. The reference to "yukking it up" with Chavez is also idiotic. He of course did no such thing. But far be it from the truth interceding among the solons who run the editorial pages of a magazine that while from the vantage point of a liberal has almost universally wrong has at least been intellectually respectable in the past. That past is a long, long time ago. There are lots of good reasons why Obama should not have been given this award now. This editorial manages to make virtualy none of them.