Monday, October 26, 2009

Not that Reality Matters

My Way News - FACT CHECK: Health insurer profits not so fat

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dcat said...

Maybe, maybe not. All I know is this: Every single month, without fail, my car insurance company takes money directly from my bank. My current company has been doing this for five years or so now. I have not once used that insurance. Which means that I have paid thousands and thousands of dollars (on a state mandate by the way -- damned Texas socialists!) for a service I have never actually used. Yet if I have a fender bender that costs my insurance company a few hundred dollars (beyond my deductible, of course) my rates are going to go up -- I'm basically going to be penalized despite the fact that I have paid them thousands of dollars over the years for just such an eventuality.

And if anything medical insurers are worse, looking for every loophole not to pay, and if possible not to cover at all, driving up costs, and generally standing as an impediment to any sort of real reform on an issue that categorically needs reform.

If the insurance companies are not making that much off of this racket, then they are shitty at what they do despite also being amoral and exploitative bastards, and for that incompetence alone probably ought to suffer. Any business that cannot prosper when the odds are stacked in their favor deserves to go under.