Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Morning Round Up

I am going to try to do this a bit more often. Here are a few things that might be of interest:

Alex Roland, professor of military history and technology at Duke, has written an excellent summary for the Foreign Policy Research Institute on the relationship between "War and Technology." It is pitched in general toward high school teachers, but most anyone with an interest will get something out of it.

While you are at the FPRI website, also check out the various writings there from Walter McDougall.

On the issue of technology and war, the always interesting New Atlantis has a serious article on robotics, war, and ethics from a guy named P.W. Singer. It is not exactly my favorite subject, but a student of mine is working on this topic and liked the article.

If you want a peek into the kind of thing we kick around a lot at my day job, take a look at this Michael Evans journal article on operational level of war thinking in the Australian military.

Finally, my favorite of the bunch: Michael Knox Beran, "Lincoln and the Moral Imagination," City Journal, which sheds a whole lot of light on the currently overblown comparisons between Lincoln and Darwin (because of their shared birthday). If you can only read one of these links, this is the one.

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