Thursday, July 24, 2008

Electric Car

Nissan seems to be doing it the right way.


Bill L. said...

It's refreshing to hear a company say out loud "We make money on everything we sell. We have no lost leaders." They are focused on a goal. There goal is to make a zero emission car AND make a profit for their shareholders.
If their goal is 100 mile range by 2010, it will go 150 or more by 2015. If they prove they are committed to that goal, the free enterprise system will develop better batteries and chargers, etc.
Nissan knows America better than most.

Soapbox: There are many in this country who are trying to kill that same free enterprise system. Be very very careful this November.

montana urban legend said...

It's refreshing to see GM/Chrysler/Ford finally accept that a myopic focus on profits today at the expense of long-term financial viability is leading these dodo birds to finally go extinct - 4 decades after they decided that competition was a dirty word.

If it wasn't for economic nationalism the Big Three would have gone down the toilet much sooner. The fact that they stayed afloat for at least 20 years longer than they should have is a testament to their skill at preying on the equally short-sighted mindset of the American consumer and his elected officials.

Thankfully other countries have companies that can do much more with a free enterprise system than can Americans, who - when it came to their flagship automotive industry - talked a good game, made a lot of hot air, and ended up manufacturing products that ultimately only Americans would buy.

montana urban legend said...

Until even they could no longer afford to buy them.