Thursday, July 19, 2007

Robert C. on the C

Our own Robert C. had an email posted at The Corner on National Review Online:
"More Re: Theology of Freedom [Peter Robinson]

From a reader, and nicely put:

Peter, you write:

"The Almighty may indeed have given each of us a yearning for freedom, just as the President says; but He gave us certain prior yearnings as well—including the yearnings to provide for our families in peace."

True — and you could go further and examine the connection between "freedom" and "voting rights." Peace, stability, and economic freedom are all the freedoms that many Iraqis want and need. The right to vote is not freedom, itself (Iraqis could vote under Saddam, after a fashion), but it is a means of securing other desirable elements.

In fact, I don't particularly care that I have the right to vote, myself. I only value voting as a means to an ends — the right to vote turns out to be the best safeguard against losing peace, stability, and economic freedom. "


Robert C. said...

Ha. You're too kind.

g_rob said...

Yeah, but did he point out the huge Homer Simpson painted next to the pagan idol?