Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Teaching Marx in China

Nobody cares: "Professor Tao Xiuao cracked jokes, told stories, projected a Power Point presentation on a large video screen. But his students at Beijing Foreign Studies University didn't even try to hide their boredom.

Young men spread newspapers out on their desks and pored over the sports news. A couple of students listened to iPods; others sent text messages on their cellphones. One young woman with chic red-framed glasses spent the entire two hours engrossed in "Jane Eyre," in the original English. Some drifted out of class, ate lunch and returned. Some just lay their heads on their desktops and went to sleep.

It isn't easy teaching Marxism in China these days."

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dcat said...

Apropos of nothing, I participated in a security studies program last summer at The China Foreign Affairs University in Beijing. I wonder if this is the same place? Seems likely, but it is hard to tell.