Monday, July 17, 2006


Joseph Bottum at First Things tells us who plays the ukulele better than anyone in the world. He even provides clips. Check it out, it really is amazing.


Stephen said...

What about this at the bottom of the page:
"His “unmistakable” voice has been mistaken. Despite the man’s own words, the Left still claims Bob Dylan as one of their own. Stephen Webb of Wabash College reviews Bob Dylan: The Essential Interviews, a collection of previously unpublished conversations with the musician, in the current August/September installment of First Things. A convert to Christianity, Dylan consistently refused to conform to the 1960s liberalism with which he is often, and wrongly, associated. Listen again to Dylan: “I hate to keep beating people over the head with the Bible, but that’s the only instrument I know, the only thing that stays true.” "

Tom said...

What about it?