Wednesday, May 17, 2006

More Stupidity

Best of the Web Today points out this Cleveland Plain Dealer opinion piece by African American columnist Sam Fulwood. Fulwood writes about former Secretary of State Colin Powell:

Powell rose higher than almost any black Republican by making the party faithful comfortable with his non-threatening and non-demanding presence on racial issues. Powell flamed out after his ego no longer allowed him to be an unquestioning spearchucker in Mr. Bush's war.
Not only did Fulwood not apologize for using a racial slur against Powell, he says it was intentional:

"My deliberate use of provocative, incendiary - but not hurtful - language is to produce a reaction, to get people engaged, to cuss, to argue, to fuss with my ideas," he said. "If using that word made people mad, that's good."
Is that how it works now?

I think Fulwood needs to go sit in the stupid corner with Mike Gallagher for a while.

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