Friday, May 19, 2006

Kos Was a Bad Choice

I know it is very popular in the blogging world, but I almost never read Daily Kos or the writings of its creator Markos Koulitasispoputopoulos. Indeed I care so little about it that I'm not going to bother to find the link. Before yesterday, I could not have told you what old Markos looked like, and I'm a pretty engaged character when it comes to these things. It turns out that he looks like the kid from Super Troopers who eats all the mushrooms, licks the plexiglass divider in the police cruiser, and says "The snozberries taste like snozberries."

The reason I know this? Because the guy who is running against Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman in the Democratic primary thought it was a good idea to get a celebrity endorsement from Kos. The candidate's name is "Ned Lamont," which is funny enough (a comment on this page wrote "Ned Lamont: Because Chest Rockwell was already taken"), but the commercial featuring Kos takes it to another level. Just watch (it's the first one).

Then check the remix.

I LOVE the internet.

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