Friday, May 19, 2006

Germany 1936, Iran 2006

Stephen's already posted the basics of this, but here's Amir Taheri on Iran's ugly new law.


Jon H said...

Amir lied, he's trying to gin up an invasion because American lives mean nothing to him.

And you got suckered. I'd think after the lies that got us into Iraq, you'd be more wary of believing the neocons.

Tom said...

Fantastic comment--every single phrase is nonsense. Well done.

Mark said...

Jon H-

While the details are still unclear, it does seem that Iran's "democratic" parliament (that keeps details of laws like this secret) will pass legislation on what Iranians can and cannot wear, and that there will likely be extra restrictions or requirements for minority groups. Taheri did not lie, nor is he trying to "gin" up an invasion.

And let's not forget the discrimination that the Iranian regime already practises towards Jews and other religious and social minorities.