Friday, May 12, 2006


Jonah Goldberg worries about "the rush to medicalize behavior":

...every day we hear about new studies “revealing” what should have been obvious to sentient beings for generations. A few recent headlines: “Fat kids become fat adults, says new study”: “Housewives not as desperate as singles over 40, a new study finds”; “Drowsiness, inattention play big role in car accidents, study finds.” Every few months newspapers breathlessly report that—surprise!—men and women are different, children are impressionable, and poisons are bad for you. What next? “Research shows wolverines don’t like to be teased”? Or “Running with scissors inadvisable, Mayo Clinic reports”?
On a totally unrelated note, a new study shows that women make opinions about men based on their looks.

And Victor Davis Hanson imagines what today's media would have written about the course of the war in May 1945.

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