Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Steyn's Mailbag

Some people seem to be offended by his opinions. Here is a more reasonable example:

I am insulted that Mark Steyn’s column ran in the Chicago Sun-Times. There is enough Islamophobia and enough insults toward good Muslim men and women without Mr. Steyn adding to it. I was born a Christian, but reverted to Islam 8.5 years ago. The God I worshipped as a Christian is the same God I worship as a Muslim. Islam is a beautiful religion and a peaceful religion. It is a shame so many speak without knowing what they are talking about. The Quran tells me to respect & honor all humans irrespective of religion, color, race, sex, language, status, property, birth, profession etc. [Quran 17/70] and not to be contemptuous or arrogant with people [Quran 31/18]. The Quran tells me I am not to make mockery of others or ridicule others [49/11]. I am not to defame others nor insult others by nicknames [Quran 49/11]. It appears Mr. Steyn’s intent was to mock Muslim women and Islam itself. In mocking and insulting Islam and Muslim women, Mr. Steyn has crossed the line of common courtesy and decency. He could definitely use some wisdom from the Quran that says “treat kindly your related & unrelated neighbors, companions by your side in public gatherings or public transportation. [Quran 4/36].”

Donna Wright-Noorani
Lexington, Kentucky
Steyn's response is dead-on:

MARK REPLIES: But aside from being “insulted” by me, are you also insulted by Mohammed Atta, Hesham Mohamed Hedayet, John Allen Muhammed, Mohammed Bouyeri, Noordin Mohamed, Mohammed Skaf, Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, and all the other Muslims who kill, bomb, torture, stab and maim in the name of your religion. Because if a bunch of folks were doing all that in the name of my religion I’d feel really insulted – and I’d want to ensure my faith reformed itself before others decided to reform it for me.

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Irish Paul said...

Steyn usually goes too far for me, but he definitely has a point there. To what extent is the mainstream Islamic world, to which this woman apparently belongs, trying to deal with the problem of followers of their own religion abusing its name? Not much as far as I can see. Maybe I'm wrong.
On another note Tom, did you know that Steyn's columns are syndicated in Ireland in the Irish Times, which is mostly thought of as a liberal newspaper.