Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pony Express

Really. A nice article that would probably be pretty useful in high school classes or general surveys:

The story of the Pony Express is a bit like the story of Paul Revere's ride -- an actual historic event, rooted in fact and layered with centuries (a century and a half in the Pony's case) of fabrications, embellishments and outright lies. In the mid-20th century, William Floyd, one of a legion of amateur historians to delve into the tale of the Pony Express, threw up his hands and observed, "It's a tale of truth, half-truth and no truth at all." He was right on each account.

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Paul said...

Robert Wuhl's "Assume the Position" on HBO has an entertaining segment on Paul Revere's ride. Other good stuff on that program, too.