Saturday, April 01, 2006

I Hope You Watched

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade put on an incredible show today. I know it's Final Four time, but the most entertaining game of the day might have been in Cleveland. Just an awesome game. I'm still buzzing from watching it. This one is staying on the TiVo for a while.


greg said...

Lebron is a badass.

dcat said...

So is Wade. I know Tom has a theory that guys who plkay with Shaq automatically look a lot better than they actually are, but Wade is an exception, especially as Shaq's health is an issue, as he is not the force he once was, and as his physical gifts can no longer compensate for the fact that he does not seem to care enough to remain in good shape. Wade is the real deal. LaBron is just sick.

Tom said...

Wade is awesome. I like his game a lot better than Penny's or Kobe's, and I think he is a legitimate superstar. That said, the dominance of Shaq should never be underestimated, and Wade is certainly a beneficiary of that.

By the way, the game yesterday was an indication that I was half-right about the Cavs' confidence after clinching. It wasn't the team that was confident yesterday so much as it was LeBron himself. I've watched him play lots of games, but I've never seen him look like that as a pro. He used to think he was unstoppable. Now he's starting to know it. Keep an eye on this--it very well might become the biggest story in sports this spring.