Friday, February 17, 2006

Honesty Update

Michael Barone updates the media coverage story:

A couple of addendums to my previous post:

• Tom Bevan of weighs in on Al Gore's speech about visas, as does Kathleen Parker in the Orlando Sentinel. I haven't yet seen any defense of Gore's comments.

• No sooner do I complain about the mainstream media ignoring the mayor of Tal Afar than the Washington Post runs an article by Thomas Ricks on the Tal Afar campaign. It centers on Colonel McMaster but also mentions the mayor; it quotes him as saying he wants McMaster's unit to remain because it does a better job than other American units. It's a good piece of reportage, the kind of thing many of us criticize the mainstream media for not providing. So let's give credit to the Post and to Thomas Ricks.
So the Gore story hasn't really changed. But we do have some solid reporting on Tal Afar. Good, let's see some more of that.

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greg said...

“The Insurgency” looks at the Iraq War. Included are comments from insurgent leaders, U.S. and Iraqi military officers, and journalists. The focus is on the battle for the town of Tal Afar.

PBS on Tuesday