Thursday, February 02, 2006


After I saw JD's last post, I went to Google and did an image search for "muhammad cartoon." Here's one of the images I found:

Have I mentioned that I love the internet?


Tom said...

Is that Jimmy Carter in the bottom right corner?

G--damn, that cover just gets funnier and funnier everytime I look at it.

Tom said...

I looked it up--Yes, it is Jimmy Carter. The guy between him and Batman is Sonny Bono. Apparantly the inside of the cover had a key to all the people pictured on the cover.

"muhammad cartoon" Brilliant.

J.D. said...

So is that Telly Savalas and the guy from Chico and the Man on the left?

Tom said...

Lex Luthor

Alan said...

I can't believe Batman (most of us would pronounce as 'Bapman') was just watching! (Betting on M.A. or Superman?)

Tom said...

Not to give away the game, but since they held the fight near a star of some color that robbed Superman of his powers, Ali whupped him.

Ali Bumaye! Ali Bumaye!