Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Lileks is up and at 'em again. Today's includes this little section:

Reminded me of some Hitler MP3s I downloaded the other day – popped up on a newsgroup devoted to old radio, and I gave them a listen. Horrifying stuff, and I didn’t understand a word. Movies of Hitler always seem unreal – at this point he’s not a man, not a leader of a nation, but a thing, a symbol, a series of poses and expressions. (Yes, I’ve seen “Downfall.” Highly recommended, precisely because it does cut through the myth and humanize the bastard.) The newsreel speeches have an air of low comedy – who could take this fellow seriously? The hair parted with a windshield wiper, the rock-scissors-paper gestures. But the audio is different – a dark barking madman yelling from Hell. Is there anyone else so familiar and so unknowable?
Feel free to read the last week of Bleats. He's a bit down--which means the great writing is melancholy. That's fine.

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