Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Arnold Makes a Comeback

At least in the eyes of Mark Steyn. Apparantly the Governator's hometown in Austria made some threats to Governor Schwarzenegger because he did not stop the execution of Tookie Williams. Arnold called their bluff. Steyn describes it beautifully:

Schwarzenegger is no conservative and has been a disappointing governor. But his letter is magnificent, and the pleasure it affords only heightened by the hilarious Guardian headline to its report on the "controversy": "Schwarzenegger Faces 'Tookie' Backlash In Austria." No, he doesn't. With one typewritten sheet, he's ended the whole damn backlash, and usefully offered a good basic template for U.S.-EU relations that recognizes the basic differences between the two: Americans have responsibilities, Europeans have attitudes. Indeed, the EU has attitudes in inverse proportion to its ability to act on them.
Must read.

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