Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Jonah Goldberg on Katrina

Goldberg sums up the gross overreaction in the media and elsewhere, and he spreads the blame around:

The president isn't blameless either. The initial response to Katrina was a mess. We'll have plenty of time to debate how much of a mess and who was responsible. But it's a political fact that when the media was hysterical and local leadership behaving abysmally, Bush did not successfully impose order. That's something he'd have to do in the wake of terrorist attack, and it's something he should have done with Katrina.


Paul said...

Trust me, Tom, I see the point, but then how many people would scream about Bush taking over matters traditionally left to the states. Or in our language, "Cheney is aggregating power over the states and cities under his puppet boy."

Tom said...

You are correct: the Bush is always wrong crowd would go bananas over anything he did. But from the perspective of Katrina as a drill for a terrorist attack on an obvious target, I think the federal government should have stepped in and taken over the minute those levees broke.

Paul said...

Don't you mean "when the government blew up the levees to drown the black neighborhoods"?

And on top of that, terrorists strike without warning, hurricane victims were warned WAY ahead of time.

Paul said...