Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Browns QB Jake Delhomme in walking boot, no update yet on status for Chiefs.

I've played some sports and watched a whole lot more, and I will be stunned if Delhomme does not have a fairly major injury. I would guess either a fractured ankle or a torn ligament or two. He could barely stand during the game, but because he told the trainors and Mangini that he was okay--like any player would do--Mangini didn't take him out.

But I've seen hurt and I've seen injured, and that guy is injured. I bet that gets confirmed in the next day or so. If so, Mangini ought to be ashamed of himself, and Mike Holmgren should wonder what kind of head coach can't tell that his starting quarterback, that any player, is playing on one leg.

That alone probably lost the game, leaving aside the out-of-his-depth offensive coordinator and non-existent clock management.

Tell me again why Jon Gruden isn't coaching the Browns right now?

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