Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Surprise, Surprise

And here it is, from the good folks at the Volokh Conspiracy: Chronicle Review Admits Bellesiles’s Story is False. However, such a nice fella with such a clean record really deserves the benefit of the doubt, so the Chronicle "Blames Student, not Bellesiles."

The original article, along with the Chronicle's admission that it is phony, is here.

Given his record, given all he's been through at the hands of swiftboating nutjobs, can't we all agree that it's high time Bellesiles gets a nice sinecure--maybe Brookings?--and a regular column for the New York Times and Atlantic Monthly? And maybe a television show. Call it "Adventures of the Military Historian."

After all, everyone deserves a second or third or thirty-fifth chance to teach at universities and publish with trade presses and high profile periodicals. It's only fair.

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dcat said...

May I just say that I called the whole "blaming it on the student" angle in my comment on this the last time?
What a scuzzbag.But you know what? He will get some sort of journalistic sinecure somewhere at a place that would not even respond to an email from you or me with a proposal for a one-off opinion piece. And when that happens I'm going to break something.