Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Leading the Next Generation Well: Over-Served

Leading the Next Generation Well: Over-Served


g_rob said...

See this all the time in youth sports. Especially with the growing number of select, AAU, and traveling teams. Coaches, who make a lot of money off of acting as coordinator for such teams (they really aren't coaches in that they don't know the game very well) begin calling parents to tell them that their kid is special and has a chance to 'make it to the next level' at very early ages - like 6 and 7. So many athletes focus on one sport now because some jerk in a Denali with 22 inch rims told the parents that he was talented and should join his very special, select team. Then I get them in high school and have to spend a season convincing them and their parents that they are not special.

Stephen said...

Special kids are like special rights. If every kid is special, no kid is special. If everything is a right then nothing is a right.