Sunday, August 09, 2009

Something for a Sunday

As a parent nowadays, you get subjected to all sorts of inane, mind-numbing, slobber-inducing entertainment for kids. I won't provide any examples, because I don't want to do that to you on a nice summer weekend. I want to point out the other side of seeing all those kids' shows and movies: every once in a while, something genuinely great can be found. You all know about the big examples, especially movies like Shrek or the Incredibles, or for some people, Ratatouille or Wall-E (I thought both were boring), but there are smaller surprises out there that you might not catch if you don't have kids to watch and listen to all this stuff.

My favorite example is 1 minute and 25 seconds from near the end of Ice Age 2. Throughout the movie, Manny the Mammoth becomes convinced that he and a female named Ellie are the last mammoths in the world. After surviving a bunch of adventures and defeating the bad guy reptile/fish creatures, the movie starts to wind down. Then, out of nowhere, a herd of mammoths emerge, and this is the music that plays:

The track is called "Mammoths," and it was composed by John Powell. For me, it is a top three favorite track from a music score in this century, and it's buried deep in a kid movie that I suspect most people have not seen. Enjoy.

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