Thursday, July 23, 2009

Could be Useful

I have not checked it for research purposes yet, but the Chronicling America - The Library of Congress website seems promising.

Update: Yes, holy jeez, yes, it is useful. From the Salt Lake City Herald, May 21, 1899:

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dcat said...

Tom --
This example once again proves the point that happenstance is as important to research as intent. This is also why I hope that online searches and whatever technology brings forward in the future (despite the fact that this little bounty of yours came electronically) never supplants actually going to the archives, where the "Eureka!" discoveries almost never come where you expect them, and often come as the result of almost capricious decisions -- i have twenty minutes left, let me look at this box that was not on my list, or I know the keyword does not come up in the archive's files, but Folder X might be promising anyway, or what the hell, I'll go through this seemingly unconnected clippings file (clippings file are like archives porn).