Saturday, June 20, 2009


Sorry if that is the overwhelming theme lately, but the announcement just went up, so...

This November, Blackwell will publish the Blackwell Companion to American Military History, edited by James C. Bradford. Here's the description:

With more than 60 essays, "A Companion to American Military History" presents a comprehensive analysis of the historiography of United States military history from the colonial era to the present. It covers the entire spectrum of US history from the Indian and imperial conflicts of the seventeenth century to the battles in Afghanistan and Iraq. It features an unprecedented breadth of coverage from eminent military historians and emerging scholars, including little studied topics such as the military and music, military ethics, care of the dead, and sports. It surveys and evaluates the best scholarship on every important era and topic. It summarizes current debates and identifies areas where conflicting interpretations are in need of further study.
I'm sure as heck not eminent, so I guess that makes me emerging, because I wrote the entry on Minorities in the Military.

Be sure to pre-order--it's only $350 right now. Or maybe you could just talk to your local or school library or something.

Update: Check out the table of contents. I am not exactly sure how I got onto that list, but I sure am happy to be there.


Stephen said...

...a little rich for my blood

Tom said...

Or maybe you could just talk to your local or school library or something.

g_rob said...

Wow - congrats Tom!!! However, for those of you living outside the worst-run state in the country, California has a little problem with money right now. Nobody's buying anything for a while methinks.

Stephen said...

I'll take three.