Thursday, April 09, 2009

We Have Failed

Only 53% of Americans say that Capitalism is better than Socialism.

So that is it, right? As historians we have all failed.

The partisan divide is stark as well. Among Democrats, only 39% say that capitalism is better than socialism. Wow. Republicans favor capitalism by an 11-1 margin.

It is incredible. Only 39% of Democrats favor freedom? Seriously? Freedom? Founding fathers? Revolutionary War? WWII? Cold War? Freedom ring any bells? This is one of those moments (fleeting, hopefully) when I feel like civilization is coming to an end. That is the kind of poll that makes some people want to live in the woods and start subsistence farming.


Paul said...

Maybe a name change is in order. Start calling capitalism 'the free enterprise system' or 'the free market system.' That's what I call it in my economics classes.

This reminds me of the scene in Austin Powers after they thaw him out and he talks about how the communists beat the capitalists (or something like that...been a while since I saw the movie).

Also, as a teacher, what I like to do is average out the grades on the first test and give all of the students that grade (not officially, but as an exercise). It's fun to watch them argue with me about it.

Paul said...

Check out the splits for the under 30 crowd: almost 1/3 for socialism, capitalism and 'not sure.' How can you be not sure?

g_rob said...

Good news: 1) as the under 30 yr. olds get over 30 yr. old they will leave their Che t-shirts and socialist idealism behind. 2) We are in the middle of a massive economic downturn - as it passes people will remember that they like freedom and stuff like that.

Paul - excellent lesson on socialism with the tests - I will try it.

Paul said...

Bill L. said...

You failed???!! Your grandfathers failed for raising a bunch of Baby Boomers who only wanted peace and love with NO resposiblity and had everything handed to them! WE then failed raised our children to think winning wasn't important and everything would be o.k. if you were just nice to people and trust everyone.
You haven't failed...... You just have to find a way to un-screw up this mess that was placed on your door step. Please forgive us.