Monday, March 09, 2009

Monday Roundup

Mark Steyn reviews a movie and returns to the question of social conventions and contemporary definitions of manhood.

On a much lighter note, Steyn reviews David Denby's book on snark--as only Steyn can.

Matt Labash does not like Facebook. He might be on to something.

Here is a review of a new biography of Theodore Roosevelt, although I am more interested in the book than the review, which claims to take TR's thinking seriously, and then says TR did not mean it when he said he was a conservative.

And finally, Allen Guelzo, who knows a little something about the subject, very favorably reviews a new apologia for Abraham Lincoln. The review should be read in conjunction with this very thoughtful blog post from Guelzo on Lincoln as a conservative.

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Stephen said...

You are on fire. All great links.