Monday, November 03, 2008


McCain Versus the Juggernaut: "We also hear a lot of squeaking from rats deserting the McCain ship about Barack Obama's exemplary temperament. So what? If he'd had his way, Obama would have lost the war in Iraq--with equanimity. He would have been calm, cool, and collected as U.S. interests were sacrificed and U.S. honor besmirched. Neville Chamberlain also had a fine temperament and a good intellect. Joe Biden, by the way, has neither. But he did--much as he now wishes people to forget it--support the Iraq war. These days, he can barely be bothered even to mention Iraq. Oh well, start a war, lose a war. Gotta move on."

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dcat said...

This is a pretty good example of why Bill Kristol is the most laughably bad columnist in America. Bill Kristol has been so wrong, on so much, so often that it boggles the imagination.