Friday, August 29, 2008

Tom Called It

Give credit where credit is due. Tom was the one who called me a few weeks ago and predicted Palin. I think he must have been the only one to see that coming. I bet he is wishing he'd written about it publicly. Don't worry old boy, I'll vouch for you.


dcat said...

Wow. Wow. I am tumescent over this pick.

Experience? Out the window.

Comes equipped with a mini-scandal that is undoubtedly nothing but that will nonetheless come up every so often? Check.

She'll debate Joe Biden and foreign policy will come up? Check.

She does have executive experience though. As governor of Alaska. Which, while impressive, fits somewhere between being my department chair and being mayor of San Antonio.

I do love how the McCain press release indicated that she'll be ready to be president because she has a son in the military.

One heartbeat away. Happy 72nd birthday, John McCain.


Stephen said...


dcat said...

What does graciousness have to do with anything? How is that at all relevant?

This is a terrible pick. Are we not allowed to be critical? And how is it even vaguely possible that you can come in and address the issue of graciousness all the while the Ayers nonsense festers down below?

Don't try to pull condescending horseshit with me Steve. You'll lose that game.


Stephen said...

Anonymous said...

Lighten up. Get a fucking sense of humor, dude.

Anonymous said...

I am stunned by the pick. It is bold so McCain went for broke on this one. While Obama and Pallin have similarly thin resumes, Obama has shown he can run a large multi-million dollar operation (his campaign) and withstand the intense scrutiny of the campaign. In many ways, one of the best qualifications proving one's ability to be president is the sheer obstacle course that is running for POTUS. Pallin might be up for the job---but my goodness she could fall totally flat on her face. She doesn't get months and months to train for this as did McCain, Biden, and Obama.

I don't understand why McCain didn't choose KB Hutchinson of Texas or Christie Todd Whitman there are so many women GOPers who are so much more qualified. I know, I know, what about Obama and his thin resume--like I said--he has definitely proven some abilities by running a great campaign and dealing with so much scrutiny. If Obama wins we know that he can handle pressure and manage an organization (that doesn't mean he will be an effective president--see Jimmy Carter or Richard Nixon) but we don't know any of this about Pallin. A real gamble but she doesn't seem like a serious choice. Frankly, I am bit disappointed that McCain has chosen someone so unproven.