Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Friday Night Lights

Why aren't you watching Friday Night Lights?

A good article highlighting not only what makes the show great, but also what makes it different (i.e. realistic). Although I don't think the second season was as good as the first, too often descending into near-soapish storylines, I still think it's a top-notch show, and I'm glad it will be back next year


Anonymous said...

Terrible show shot in a terrible town with terrible fans.

dcat said...

I'll take the bait: What town, what fans?

You could be talking about the tv show, in which case you are talking about a fictional town with fictional fans. In which case you are, well, criticizing a fictional town and its fictional fans.

You could also be talking about the original Friday Night Lights, in which case you are talking about the town in which I live, which is slightly more problematic in light of the fact that thisis also the town in which my wife and I, and my friends, and a lot of good people live.

So, anonymous, be specific. Are you criticizing a fictional town in a fictional place, or a real town in a real place?

Thes eare differences that sort of matter.


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I got to say it is OK, nothing special.