Friday, March 28, 2008

What is wrong with Obama?

I have quite a few good friends on the other side of the aisle. I hear the question, "What is wrong with Obama?" quite a bit. Here is one example regarding this 100 years in Iraq business. He promised a new kind of politics. So far, his campaign looks pretty conventional to me. The reverend Wright stuff, the back and forth with Clinton, the equivocations, the lack of content in his economic speech yesterday. Scratch the surface and there isn't much there--or at least he isn't putting much out there. Maybe he is waiting to get past the primaries. Maybe he knows he can get by without specifics at this point. Who knows? Without a long record, we can only judge what he puts out there, and there is no "there" there thus far.

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dcat said...

There is plenty "there" and all it would take to find out as much would be a search of his website. In his public presentation he puts no more, but also no less substance across than Hillary or McCain.

I have no idea what anyone would expect other than for Obama to be engaging in back and forth with Clinton since it is now a two-person race for the nomination, I have no idea what "the Wright stuff" has to do with his being a conventional or unconventional campaign.

Ironic that a post about Obama's vagueness would be rather vague itself.