Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A scary look at the UN diplomatic process

Perhaps the scariest part: I went to grade school with the author.

Shut Up, I'm Talking: And Other Diplomacy Lessons I Learned in the Israeli Government--A Memoir


Jeff said...


Thanks for the link. I am going to look at this book--believe it or not, for possible classroom use.

Mark said...


Cool. Had you heard of it before I posted?

jeff said...


No, I had not heard of it. Obviously, I am going to read it prior to assigning it, but from the excerpt available online, it seems like an ideal book for freshman. They will enjoy reading it and will then be surprised to learn to that they know something about Middle East politics. I love the idea of combining Sedaris with Friedman. Thanks for the heads-up on it. Happy dissertating.

Mark said...

Well then, I'm glad I could help to get him some more press, so to speak, especially if it results in class-sized sales. I'm looking forward to reading it myself.

If you didn't see it before, here's his

PS: What do you mean by "combining Sedaris with Friedman"? I didn't notice that.

Mark said...

Again, blogger links mess up. That should read "his blog" above. The link still works, I think.