Friday, November 16, 2007


I wonder if this guy thinks of himself as a patriot? Bush Death Watch: Countdown! / It's official: Less than one year until history slaps Dubya to the curb. Can you feel the tingle?
Hat tip: Florida Paul


Anonymous said...

Clearly not patriotic to believe Dubya is a jackass...

Stephen said...

Believing the President to be a jackass is not the issue.

Robert C. said...

He seems to be under the impression that President Bush will leave office next November.

The gentleman in question hates conservatives and he's somewhat rude about it. I don't like his attitude, but it's not that unusual, on the left and on the right.

What is unusual is that this is published in a daily newspaper. I figured it was an alternative weekly. Disappointing. But still not worse than the vitriol that comes out of other ideologues mouths on a daily or weekly basis.

Unpatriotic? In the John-Stewart-on-Crossfire sense of "hurting America," yes.

Paul said...

BDS? Check: "mangled pocket edition of the U.S. Constitution"

Cheney Derangement Syndrome? Check: "opens its bloody, Cheney-punched mouth and lets it be known to the world, to the universe"

Vietnam Reference? Check: "the long national nightmare of George W. Bush is finally over."

Bush Death Wish? Check: "Bush Death Watch: Countdown"

Boomer "I speak for the rest of America" self-centeredness? Check: "It is less than one year until the country finally takes a deep breath and flexes its atrophied muscles and opens its bloody, Cheney-punched mouth and lets it be known to the world, to the universe, to its own numb and dejected soul just exactly how unwell it has felt, how much pain has raked its heart, lo, these past seven (eight, by then) years, by ushering in an entirely new political era, as we all exhale a massive sigh of long overdue relief that"

Bush is an idiot reference? Check: "Dubya will begin packing his bags, jamming into his Spongebob duffel his map of the world coloring book"

Nixon/Watergate reference? Check: "Bush is nearly exactly as unpopular as Richard Nixon was at his lowest point"

Insulting nickname? Check: "Bushie"

Irrational fear of Christians? Check: "the glorious collapse of the evangelical Christian right marches on apace" and "he (Hager) is the perfect incarnation of the Christian right's view of women as subordinate, lesser-intelligent sluts who cannot control their own bodies and therefore need men, God, and the government to do it for them"

Reference to Bush's term as a "reign" (conjuring up images of Louis XIV's absolutism)? Check: "as a result of Bush's reign"

Poop reference? Check: "haul away the overwhelming mountain of moral fecal matter Bush has left behind."
(I thought that was funny, actually)

g_rob said...

I thought the long national nightmare quote was in reference to Ford's speech after Nixon left office.

Paul said...

Yeah, my fault, GRob. Add that to the Nixon references in the column. Thanks for the fact checking.

Stephen said...

I was probably in a bad mood when I read it, but it just struck me as another person hoping for the President to fail.