Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Steroids League

Reading this article reminds me of that SNL sketch from about 15 years ago. The one with the Steroid Olympics, where Phil Hartman plays a weightlifter on so many drugs that he pulls his arms off.



Paul said...

How about that sketch called "how much ya bench?"
Farley, Mohr, Spade and Estevez sitting around, taking calls, severe acne, tiny legs and occasional roid rages. Good stuff.

Bill L. said...

I know.....(ha ha) Maybe we should have two of every league. A dope league and a clean league. At the end of each season have the two champions play each other. It could be the Stupids vs the Smarts. The "purists" could watch the cleans and the "win at all costs zealots" could watch the dopes. Then we would be inclusive and everybody would be happy and life would be beautiful all day long..... Oh yuk!
Sounds like a good platform for Hilary, john or Oh bam bam. What we need here is politics!