Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Long Awaited Announcement

I have emailed most of our regular readers about this already, but here is the announcement Stephen mentioned a couple weeks ago:

I'm switching jobs again. When I get back from DCAT's wedding in June, I will be an Assistant Professor in the Command and General Staff College, School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS).

The job is still here at Fort Leavenworth--actually it's across a sidewalk from where I work now--but it is a great opportunity as I continue my tour of the Army history system.

That's not all: I'm pleased to announce that my current position at the Combat Studies Institute will be filled by our friend Robert Davis. So big congratulations to Robert. It's looking like the weekly Saturday grillfests will have to be revived.

And, yes, people are starting to talk about an Ohio Mafia here in Kansas. As Mr. Burns would say: Excellent.


Stephen said...

Good times.

Stephen said...

and I'm going to move into your basement.

dcat said...

I cannot wait for that conference in the fall. We're getting the band back together!

Congratulations, Big Daddy!!


Lindsey said...

Congratulations :)

J.D. said...

Just amazing. Maybe I'll move in with the Davis family and wait for a KU job to open up.

Mark said...

Do I count in the Mafia if I just make a visit? Cause it's in the works.