Thursday, May 31, 2007


Just got back from California late last night-- now I am off to Colorado for nine days, then Texas for DCAT's wedding. I'll be in Ft. Collins tomorrow night and for the week following, if anyone up in NoCO wants to buy me a drink. Give me a call on my cell phone or email me at my gmail address with your number. I think I am going to be staying at Colorado State, in the dorms, I guess. Back to packing.


Dane said...

Why would WE buy you a drink? In Colorado, the guest of our wonderful state buys the first 5 rounds. I'm not trying to be mean, it is just how it goes.

If you still need a ride to the airport, I'll see what I can do to take that day off of work.

Anonymous said...

Dane is a joke. Go back to the gutter where you belong.

Dane said...

The gutter? I came from the dumpster thank you. However, my new mission is to find "anonymous" that hold some sort of grudge against me for some reason.