Saturday, May 19, 2007


The Immigration Bill


Robert C. said...

Barone's comments are interesting, and he points out some positive aspects of Kennedy-Kyl. I haven't seen anyone else on the conservative side of this debate suggest that the proposed bill is actually better than no bill at all.

But I'm still wondering why amnesty is a good idea in the first place, especially for those on the left. Where can I find that out?

For example: It is strange to me that the AFL-CIO desires amnesty for illegal immigrants. I understand that these immigrants might then be unionized... but isn't the job of the AFL-CIO to improve conditions (e.g., wages) for its workers? And doesn't increased immigration drive down wages for those same workers? I have the same questions about the Democratic party's support on this issue.

Stephen said...

They don't really explain why amnesty is good, but for a general feel, check out:

Here is one petition for amnesty:

I can't really find anything that would count as a reason why it is good other than a constituency wants it. I'm not saying that no leftist has made a good case for amnesty. I'm just saying that after a morning of looking for one, I haven't found one. Everything I've found just says they want "justice for undocumented workers" or something along those lines. Anyone else find anything?

Stephen said...

AFL-CIO's statement:

Robert C. said...

You're just winding me up, right? Surely no organization called Mexico Solidarity would have any real influence on US policy.

Good one, Steve. You had me going there for a second.

Stephen said...

Not trying to wind you up, just trying to help. I was just looking for people who would actually make the case for amnesty publicly. I don't know about influencing policy, but these are some of the organizations that have organized or supported those marches.