Tuesday, May 08, 2007


This is not the news Stephen mentioned below, but it is excellent:

Friend of the Big Tent Jeff Bloodworth is on his way to Erie, Pennsylvania to teach at Gannon University. (He loves those Catholic schools.)

I must also make mention of Jeff's wonderful article in the Winter 2006 Wisconsin Magazine of History. He showed me the article when I visited him Wichita in February, and I liked it so much that I managed to get a copy from the fine folks at the Wisconsin Historical Society. If you can rustle up a copy, I highly recommend it.

Congratulations to Jeff. We wish him and Andrea all the best up in Erie, Pa.


Anonymous said...

Wohoo!!!!!! Wonderful news. Congrats, Jeff!

Mark said...

Congrats Jeff! Glad to hear you landed on your feet, and I think you'll like Erie. Also, I'm looking forward to running into you in DC in June.

dcat said...

Congrats. I'm so pleased to hear that this all ended up working out.


Stephen said...