Monday, April 09, 2007

It isn't your imagination

For today's kids, everything is all about them: "With a recent study showing that today's college students are the most narcissistic and self-centered in decades, a small chorus of professionals is offering a bold response: We have no one to blame but ourselves.

'Things went too far,' says psychologist Jean Twenge, lead author of the study and a professor at San Diego State University."


Robert C. said...

Responses: 1. For this they need a study?

2. I am printing the article out and giving it to my class today.

3. I'm glad they're blaming parents. But there's also a professional effort by educators and psychologists towards increased self-esteem at any cost.

Did you see this related article, "How Not to Talk to Your Kids"?

Mark said...

Another good article. I think this is particularly enlightening:

"Truth be told, while my son was getting along fine under the new praise regime, it was I who was suffering. It turns out that I was the real praise junkie in the family. Praising him for just a particular skill or task felt like I left other parts of him ignored and unappreciated. I recognized that praising him with the universal “You’re great—I’m proud of you” was a way I expressed unconditional love.

Offering praise has become a sort of panacea for the anxieties of modern parenting."

Stephen said...

Good points