Monday, April 23, 2007

'Death to US'

Anti-Americanism examined


Robert C. said...

I like the idea, as I've seen expressed on The Corner, that a Democrat as President would force the Democratic party (and the Democratic part of the country) to come to terms with and support the War on Terror.

I think a Democratic President might also convince Americans who sympathize with anti-American views that it's not about the policies of the Bush administration.

The people who protest Bush in Central and South America, and the people who protest Bush in the UK and all over Europe, would protest any centrist President. They would end up protesting Obama or Clinton almost as vigorously as they protest Bush.

I hope there will be a moment when we remember that there is a big difference between those of us who think the Iraq war was a mistake--even a calamitous mistake--and those who think al Qaeda was justified in attacking us.

al Qaeda didn't attack the US b/c of President Bush. If al Qaeda were responding to a President's policies, those policies belonged to Bill Clinton.

Stephen said...

Some members of the Big Tent have said privately that they wished that a Democrat had been in office on 9/11 so that the Democrats would have been the party to respond to the attacks. The Republicans would have gone along, of course, and never allowed Democrats to take the harder line. I am not sure that says anything good about the Democratic party though.

Tom said...

Privately, hell. It's there for anyone to see.

Paul said...

Goldberg's article today (4-25) also pounds the point about polls.

Stephen said...

In private it has more curse words.