Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Is anyone going to the Organization of American Historians conference in Minneapolis this weekend? I am giving a paper on Friday and would love to visit with any friends who might be there.

Let me know either in the comments or by email.

Update: Here is the info on my panel, in case you are interested:

3:15 p.m. Friday, March 30
Offsite Session at the Minnesota History Center

Rethinking the Greatest Generation: World War II in American Memory
Chair: John Bodnar, Indiana University

Remaking Memory or Getting It Right?: Saving Private Ryan and the World War II Generation - Tom Bruscino, U.S. Army Combat Studies Institute

Remembering the War at Home and Abroad: A South Carolina Perspective, Then and Now -
Fritz Hamer, South Carolina State Museum

Recruiting the "Next Great Generation": Army Advertising and the Politics of Memory, 2001-2005 - Jeremy Saucier, University of Rochester

Comment: G. Kurt Piehler, University of Tennessee

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thejamestaylor said...

Where and when will you be presenting? I will be working during the day but would be happy to tip a few beers if I can't make the conference.

James Taylor