Friday, January 12, 2007

Speaks for itself

Pigs Outnumber People in Lower Saxony


thejamestaylor said...

Of course the pig is a symbol of luck in Germany (Ich habe echt Schwein gehabt / I really had pig = I was really lucky). And they really love to eat their good luck symbols too. I was surprised to discover that a favorite breakfast is raw, yes raw, ground pork (Gehacktes). I didn't feel like getting any prion-related diseases so I never tried it.

Stephen said...

I think I speak for the collective group when I say, "Yuck."

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm, raw ground pork.

I'd try it. I like haggis. And I like sushi.

As for eating national symbols -- the national animal of Namibia is the Urdu, a type of antelope (or "bok.") And yet you can eat Urdu steaks in restaurants or at braiis (bbq's) across the country. The ones I have had have all been fantastic.

Not as good as bald eagle cutlets, but pretty good.