Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mine is Central Valley Okie

Accents speak louder than words


thejamestaylor said...

Accents fascinate me. By the way, does it surprise anyone that Athens (Ohio) natives have a southern accent? - (or am I wrong)? I hear a definite drawl.

dcat said...

Southern Ohio, Southern Illinois, Southern Indiana, and of course West Virginia -- that whole tier of the midwest really does have southern linkages. from a cultural perspective, the line between north and south is very blurred.

This is for Tootle's edification as an obscure accent reference; "Get your co-ahn heah, six foah a dollah, bakah's dozen foah one fifty."


Stephen said...

The telltale signs: pronounce "roof" as "ruff" and make no distinction between "pen" and "pin."