Tuesday, December 19, 2006


In Historical Truths, the Road to an Open Society


charming said...

Very good idea. Similar to a discussion I saw on this Space Travel.

Stephen said...

Thanks, charming. I agree.

greg said...

I love to Space Travel!

dcat said...

I honestly had no idea that this had even been distributed yet and might not have known had you not posted this. So, thanks. I hope you all like it even if Dresner decided to parse one word at the end rather than look at the totality of the piece.

Cheers --

greg said...

Speaking of Dresner et al, when do we get the story behind the untimely demise of Rebunk?

dcat said...

In all honesty, while we promised to tell at some future date, I would guess all of us would as soon put it in our past. It boils down to antagonistic jackassery on the part of one of the more prominent members of the HNN community coupled with hypocrisy and fecklessness on the part of HNN's chief potentate and my inability to keep my mouth shut and my blasting of that potentate in an ill-advised (but not inaccurate) email.

I would imagine that all of us are actually a bit relieved not to be dealing with that echo chamber on a regular basis. I'm happy that they published my piece, (which has still, to my knowledge, not been officially distributed -- it is not yet even on the History News Service webpage) and am beyond holding much ill will for them. I wish HNN well, think it does a good job of trying to link historians with the larger intellectual community, and welcome their publishing my work when appropriate if they find something worth their while that I have published elsewhere. That said, I probably won't be getting an invite to the HNN Christmas Party.

(As for my article, I would actually stand by my use of "inevitably" in the context that I used it -- in his counterexamples all of those countries had dissidents who did precisely what I wrote that people are inclined to do.)

Oh -- and I appreciate Space Travel as well.