Monday, December 25, 2006

BTFFL Super Bowl II

Maybe this isn't the place to put it, but I have to get the news out somewhere. With the end of the PHI-DAL game tonight, my Fighting Beavers capped a come-from-behind upset victory over the Realpolitik Raptors to win the championship of the Big Tent Fantasy Football League.

I just want to congratulate all of my guys. It was truly a team effort, and everyone gave 110% for the victory. We took the season game-by-game, never let ourselves get too down on ourselves, and overcame injuries, suspensions, and trades to prevail in the end. I want to congratulate our worthy opponent, who put up a worthy fight, and deserves praise for a great season. This one is for all the fans who kept supporting us through all the downs, and helped us along during all the ups. We did it!!!

Seriously though. It was a lot of fun, and I hope to see all of you back next year for BTFFL v.3.

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