Friday, November 17, 2006

Webb continued

The Claremont Institute: The Remedy: "A few comments. First, it's fine by me if Jim Webb wants to honor the bravery of his ancestors and acknowledge the tragedy of the civil war. And obviously, many of the foot soldiers fighting for the south didn't own slaves and no doubt a number of them even thought slavery wrong. At many points Webb is simply trying to emphasize and pay tribute to the duty bound soldiers on the ground. Second, my post was not meant to imply in any way that Webb is a racist. Obviously, campaign hijinks aside, it is highly unlikely that either he or George Allen harbor any sort of deep seated racism. Third, Webb may in fact be the next Zell Miller for all I know. In fact, let us suppose for a minute that George Allen is a racist and a closet liberal who would make a horrible senator while Jim Webb is the next, er, Abraham Lincoln. Even if this was the case, and even if secession isn't going to be on the agenda of the new congress, we can still wonder whether Webb's odd view of the civil war reveals a deeper misunderstanding of American government, can't we?"

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