Saturday, October 21, 2006

Kennedy, Guilty of Treason

According to a new book by political scientist Paul Kengor, a letter from KGB files states that Senator Edward Kennedy offered to assist the Soviet Union formulate a strategy to defeat American foreign policy and interfere with American elections.


dcat said...
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dcat said...

Ren --
Did you actually read the article? What we are getting here is third-hand allegations and hearsay from a KGB official. Do we have any actual evidence tying Kennedy to these allegations? Letters or phone calls from Kennedy? Even a witness who is alleging that he heard Kennedy do any of the things that we are led to believe that he did? I realize that if we cannot trust the Soviet-era KGB we cannot trust anyone, but goodness, I think you are letting your ideological blinkers blind you to the difference between shoddy use of historical evidence and good use of historical evidence.


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paul said...

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