Thursday, September 07, 2006

Traditional Art

There has been a revival of traditional art in the art world. Here is an interview with Jacob Collins, one of the leading lights of that revival. Read the interview, then check out his webpage to see samples of his work.

An amazing artist and a welcome reaction to the emptiness of postmodernism.

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dcat said...

I actually don't mind a lot of "postmodern" (I use the scare quotation marks warily but intentionally -- who the hell even knows what is postmodern in the art world these days -- smoking American cigarettes without irony? Reading the newspaper?) art -- the stuff that is actually art, I mean, like paintings and stuff -- as long as I don't have to hear them prattle on about it. then again, I'd just as soon never hear most artyists, postmodern or otherwise, pontificate about their work.